Cauliflower Vegetable Pizza In 30 Minutes


Vegi Pizza

Pizza is one of mine favorite foods to eat. I eat to much of it at times, so I've been working on a few new recipes for my family and I to enjoy that are on the healthier side. This is a Cauliflower Crusted pizza with a few toppings. A very simple recipe that take 30 minutes to make. 

How to Make:

Buy a pre-made Cauliflower Pizza crust. Toss it in the oven for 16 minutes. While that's baking chop up a few toppings that you enjoy. Mine has a Pesto Sauce, Pickled Cabbage, Red Bell Peppers, Green Onions and Tillamook 3 Cheese Blend over the Pesto and on top to hold it down. I also made a peperoni and all cheese pizza that my kids loved. They had no idea it was a Cauliflower crust. 


Follow the directions on the box of Pizza Crust you buy. I used the ones in the ad below. 

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you enjoy the Pizza making process. If you make something you want to share post it below in the comments.