BARBECUE CHRISTMAS GIFT 003 - Maverick Competition BBQ Drum Smoker

A big question I always get is do you smoke with a drum. Drum Smokers are one of the best ways to enjoy good backyard barbecue. They can smoker small and large amounts of meat. They can be made easy and last for long amounts of time. There are a few on the market but none are as good as the Maverick Competition BBQ Drum Smoker. It's guaranteed to be a conversational peace in your backyard.

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A not so ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) from Maverick Industries!       
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This Drum Smoker (UDS) is large enough to feed your whole party and then some. This would make the perfect gift for both young and old wanting to learn the art of making slow smoked BBQ in this beautiful Drum Smoker (UDS).

Maverick's Competition Drum Smoker (UDS) Includes:

  • Complete Set includes grill and remote thermometer transmitter/receiver  (ET-73)  
  • Large capacity 55 gallon size for BBQ competitions or backyard parties
  • 2-21" diameter grill racks can hold multiple chickens, butts, racks of ribs
  • 16.75" dia x 4" high charcoal tray can hold up to 15lbs of charcoal
  • Super large water tray can hold up to 4 gallons of water. Should never need refilling
  • Large 15" x 10" door allows easy access to charcoal, water tray, and bottom grill rack
  • Bottom ring vent opens or closes 4 vent holes at one time with the slide of 1 handle
  • Bottom vent holes are proper diameter to take BBQ Guru Fan (Just plug the other 3 vents)
  • Assembled size 45" tall x 23" diameter
  • Monitor your meat and your smoker temperature remotely with Model ET-73 Remote Smoker Thermometer set (included) 
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