Toothless Messages for $5

original gap tooth pics
Gap Tooth Art

Long story short, I lost a bridge in the front of my mouth leaving me looking like a hillbilly, crack head, homeless guy or just the dude with not front teeth who likes to talk to you as your walking down the street. 

With that said Dental is not cheap and I need to replace these teeth, plus have a lot more work done. So my idea was to have some fun with it. Lets make photos custom made with your message on them for $5. Seems like a winner to me. 

So if you clink on our fiverr link below and send me $5 plus your message I'll created an original photo bearing my Gaped Tooth mouth with your message.  Sounds like a Win-Win to me. 

Send me your message and I'll send you gap tooth gold. 

Get your very own Original Gap Tooth Photo with your personal message.  Click This Link