Ribs, Crazy Rice with Balinese Cucumber Salad

Round two of my summer quest to create award winning ribs with a Northern California Flavor. Yesterday I did up some Memphis Style Ribs in my new Brinkmann Vertical Smoker. This is only the second time using the smoker and I did some research after having a hard time getting it to stay at the 225 mark. I drilled some whole into the water bowl and used Lazzari Mesquite Natural Charcoal. I’ve used this brand before in my Weber Kettle and it has a good flavor and burns at a much higher temp. Plus the company is out of San Francisco, so still inside my Nor Cal Area.  During the smoking I had no problem keeping the temp up and the smoke flowing. The ribs got smoked for 4 hours and came out even better then the first time.

Memphis Style Ribs is a two step flavor. First the dry rub is cured with meat about four to eight hours before you smoke. This gives the ribs an almost peppery shell around the meat. Second you use a mop sauce that is made up of Cider Vinegar and Mustard. Being inspired by the cider vinegar I used a Vidalia Onion Mustard from Boa Vista Orchards in Apple Hill. The flavor was a little sweeter then your standard Ball Park Mustard. Plus it gives this recipe a local flavor. I changed a few other ingredients to crate a new flavor profile and make it my own.

The Rib meal was straight out of the Barbecue Bible by Steven Raichlen. It’s Ribs with Crazy Rice and Balinese Cucumber Salad from Indonesia. The mixture of all the flavors was perfect. The cucumber salad was sweet and tangy and it was a good contrast to the sweet and peppery flavor of the ribs.  Here is the new recipe I did. Enjoy.

Rib Rub:

¼ cup               Paprika
4 ½ tsp            Ground Black Pepper
4 ½ tsp            Brown Sugar
1 tbs                Salt
1 ½ tsp            Ground Coriander Seed
1 ½ tsp            Cayenne Pepper
1 ½ tsp            Garlic Powder
1 ½ tsp            Dry Mustard
1 ½ tsp            Ground Cumin

Mop Sauce

2 cp     Cider Vinegar
½ cp    Vidalia Onion Mustard
2 tsp    Salt