How to Grill Prime Rib

One of the best cuts of meat to put on the grill in my mind is Prime Rib. From time to time you can find good deals on Prime Ribs but if you just got a pile of money in your pocket ready to impress some people run out and get you one and follow these few simple steps to grilling the best prime rib possible.

Grill Set up:

Set up the grill for Indirect Grilling and get the coals ready in a chimney starter.

Form 2 heat zones piles or invest in some Weber side baskets and a drip pan for best results.

The Meat:

Cut into the meat hitting the bones and then turn the knife toward the ends of the ribs and remove the cap of fat. This is called French cut.

Cut between the rib bones.

If you see a large amount of fat, cut it off as you see like.

Take a sharp knife and cut a few slits and insert garlic cloves.

Sprinkle your favorite rub over the meat rubbing it into the meat.

Place the meat on the grill and grill until your favorite doneness has been reached. About 2 hours for rare and 3 hours for medium rare. If you start to see the bones start to burn place foil around them.

I snagged the above pic from Steven Raichlen blog