Quick Tapatio BBQ Burger

I love the flavor of Tapatio and Hamburgers. I put together a few things from the garden and with some seasoning and came up with grilled delight.


1lb       Hamburger Meat
2tbs     Tapatio Hot Sauce
1tbs     Salt
1tbs     Garlic Salt
1tbs     Black Pepper
1tbs     Crushed Red Pepper
½ cp    Bread Crumbs


1          Onion
1          Yellow Bell Pepper
1          Red Bell Pepper
1          Bunch of Cilantro
4          Favorite Burger Buns
½ stick Butter

  1. Get your coals going on the grill.
  2. Combine all the hamburger ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Make for patties and place in freezer. (Helps keep the burgers together).
  4. Slice onions in half.
  5. Separate cilantro leafs from the steams
  6. Set up the grill for direct cooking and preheat to high
  7. Brush Grill Grates with oil to prevent sticking
  8. Brush Onions and Peppers with melted butter
  9. Add them to grill
  10. Sprinkle with salt
  11. Cook each side for about 4 minutes
  12. Brush each side of your Hamburger Patties and place on grill.
  13. Cook – to your desired wellness.
  14. Toast your bread for a complete flavor.
  15. Build your burger and enjoy the Tapatio Flavor. 


Theresa H Hall said…
Hey Jeremiah,

Did you watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Tuesday night? You can replay is from his web site. The first say 11 minutes. You won't believe whey they are doing to our hamburger meat. Ugh! I just wanted you to know.

Theresa @ Half Hour Meals
Nice blog you have here.
Thank you for your friendship.
I visit your blog from your Bloggers profile.
I did see that about hamburgers. Its amazing to me what people are eating these days. I got a interview with a local "Natural Raised" Beef Farmer coming up. I'm going to talk to him about this process. Jamie is doing his best to change how we see food in the world. I hope he keeps up the good work.