The Power of Social Barbecue

Have you heard of Birdland Jazzista Social Club? No. Then read on my meat loving friends.  This is an amazing story about a guy and his grill. Birdman Mike last summer had a craving for some home style barbecue. Now he’s from the Philippines and has a very unique flavor he likes to marinate his meat with. It’s a combo of soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar and some other tasty goodness. All together on chicken or ribs and you got a mouth popping treat. Mike wanted to get to know his neighbors and share his taste of the homeland. Birdman jumped online and buys a new barbecue from and invites a few buddies over to hangout on his driveway.  

The first party goes off splendid and everyone wants to come back over for another. Its Soccer season and the summertime so what the hell. Mike starts having more BBQ gatherings and more people start coming. People walking past from the local Bart Station start getting the smell from the barbecue. Birdman Mike being a kind man starts giving everyone a taste. He even invites the local homeless from a near by park over for a bit to eat. Next thing you know he’s got a few new friends and word starts spreading about his tasty barbecue flavor. Now this is just Birdman opening up his house to anyone that wanted to come by and have some good food. All summer long he’s shopping for all the food, setting up tables, chairs, and grilling everything up. It was taking him several hours everyday to get everything ready for that night.

All summer long Birdman Mike is spending his money having a good time meeting new people and eating good food. Mikes day job is teaching at the local city college. Summer came to an end and Mike decides so should his summer barbecue gatherings, but everyone was having to good of a time to let that happen. They had created the best social event in town. A few friends started sponsoring a grill night here and there. More people starting bring food and other things to enjoy. Birdman and a few of his neighbors put together a Jazz Band. They started playing live music to go along with the food. Now you have the perfect night out.

Like all good things that start getting a lot of publicity, the government has to step in and check it out. Because Birdman had 20 or so people eating and enjoying music on the street areas around his home they mad them stop. It was becoming a public issue. Mike was not charging for the food so he wasn’t in need of Heath Inspection, but just the size of the event itself was a problem. The city of Berkley wanted him to pay for event permits. He had to shut down, but you can’t keep good barbecue down. Loyal friends and fans help Mike transform his residence into a private social club called Birdland Jazzista Social Club. Now he charges an annual membership to offset the price of the food and supplies. He moved the grill to the backyard and now has no issues with the local fuzz. Only bad part is he can no longer serve his world class barbecue to the local people walking past.

Today Birdman Mike is rocking out his barbecue with his Jazz buddies at the new Social Club enjoying good times. He started off with a dream of having some down home barbecue and now has a local community following his every move. We need more people like this in every community. Mike is sharing his love for his heritage with dozens of locals. He’s passing along the simple concept of enjoying good food with good friends to the world. Music, barbecue and good conversation is the recipe for a good time.

Thanks Birdman Mike for being a good barbecue person.Get more info about Birdman Mike and his new club on there website


Michael Parayno said…
Thanks brother for encapsulating our neighborhood cookouts and musical gatherings. It's just a new version of the caveman inviting a few cavemen and cavewomen out of their caves on a friday evening to bbq a dinosaur and beat a few sticks on some rocks in the cave(modern garage) for music. No need to reinvent the wheel. I don't know if the caveman needed a permit back then too. This is Birdman Mike. I like your sense of humour and lightness of the whole thing. Can't a brother just eat in peace and enjoy some music?
No thank you my friend. I read the story online and had to talk about it. Your doing good work bring everyone together for a good night of food and music. I'll have to crash your BBQ sometime.