Shiner Nation Chicken Wings

Moonshine Bandits Chicken Wings


With football season back everyone needs a good wing recipe to enjoy game day. This recipe is simple and is in Honor of the Moonshine Bandits and the Shiner Nation. The Flavor is very enjoyable and everyone can eat them. 


Take 2lbs of Chicken Wings and put them in a salt bath over night with your favorite seasoning mix. Rinse off and put into a citrus marinade for 5 hours. Remove and rub them down with American Outlaw Shiner Rub, Fire up the Traeger and put them at 275 for an hour. Take out and mix the up with American Outlaw Peach and Pepper Sauce.  Enjoy

The American Outlaw Shiner Rub and Pepper Sauce can be found on the Moonshine Bandits Website. Also pick up a few CD's and a couple of shirts. 

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