About Me

Good Day and thanks for stopping by my little part of the internet. This site started as a way to kill time and learn about barbecue. In the past 3 years it has grown into a full time gig. Along the way barbecue teams and pitmasters from around the country have helped me become a big part of California Barbecue.

I’m a family man that enjoys good backyard bbq. My wife and I have moved all over the golden state trying the best barbecue we could find. After graduation from culinary school I decided to do barbecue full time. 2012 is our Year to Shine.

Nor Cal BBQ is all about California Barbecue. We talk about what’s going on in our area. You can read post about events, tips, and products. We try to cover it all.

You can hire us for your next party or to design you a customer blend or BBQ Sauce. Email me and I'll get right back to ya. Shine On!

Shot us an email if you need to say something. norcalvip@gmail.com